Posted by: abcdyg | December 9, 2009

Yes, scrap BTN; use money for scholarships’

rDPG: For 22 long years, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has allowed, nay, encouraged BTN’s freehand in propagating its racist ideology and courses. In those 22 long years, so many Malays have all been brainwashed into becoming racists and nurtured to hate the other races.

These brainwashed Malays have now become ‘Little Napoleons’ in the government departments which they head. Mahathir’s 22-year rule will be known as the period that Umno had turned these government Malays into racists.

And the second big sin of Mahathir is his introduction of the ‘mother of all corruption’ – direct or negotiated tenders. Cronies have become multi-millionaires and billionaires without any business acumen or knowhow and without having to foot a single sen.

All capital required was even handed over to these cronies as soft loans and this is the rakyat’s money. These cronies need not lift even their little fingers. They sub-contracted 100 percent of the projects out, and made something like more than 30 percent of the project value – out of nothing.

Kgan: Yes, scrap the BTN course and channel the RM70 million a year for scholarships. Forget about revamping the course. Even with the best of intentions, is it possible to teach patriotism and unity in a few days?

Both of these must be imbued from young and come naturally from fair and just government policies. Mahathir claims there’s nothing wrong with the course? There must be something wrong with him.

Darren Darren: By scrapping the BTN, they need to find other venues for carrying out their indoctrination. So I think they might revamp the BTN it as suggested by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz. They want to walk the same path that the leaders of Burma and Zimbabwe have taken.

BTN: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, you are one of the last bright lights in Umno and it’s really a waste that the powers of the day, with all their members and ill-gotten wealth, reject you upright. You, apart from Anwar Ibrahim, may be the last hope for this country to see some sanity in the way it is managed.

All the ‘Boleh’ uttered from Mahathir’s time to now Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s time is just propaganda which will not only destroy the last fabric of this country’s foundation but will also bring millions of the rakyat into a black hole.

Ong: Razaleigh has become a really funny and incomprehensible guy. From all his recent speeches and pronouncements, it is clear that he disagrees with so many major policies of the Umno-BN government and also the way Umno is being run.

Yet he continues to be an Umno member. It is not as if he has got any chance of reforming Umno because when he tried to contest for the Umno president’s post he could not even get a ‘seconder’ after being proposed by his own party division.

Allan Kong Sin Foong: Tengku, why don’t you join Pakatan Rakyat where you can contribute greatly?

Selian: Ku Li can be a good leader if he is with Pakatan.

Amal: I don’t understand. Why does it matter if Razaleigh is with BN or Pakatan? If what he says makes sense and logical, that’s what matters.

He may have his own personal reasons to stay with Umno. Only he and God knows. But as long as he sings a tune that is siding with what is fair and righteous, I don’t think it is fair to simply bash him because he is in Umno.

Suhakam: Thanks, Ku Li, for speaking out for truth and justice. You should have been the prime minister that we never had.

Mead: More window-dressing ? Enlightened words make good reading. Will we see action? Is it any surprise that BTN does its hard sell in the polarised civil service?


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