Posted by: abcdyg | December 7, 2009

Two men sentenced to death for killing ex-UiTM lecturer

KUALA LUMPUR: Two friends were sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for murdering UiTM lecturer Bakarudin Busu, who was alleged to have asked for a one-night stand from a former student, seven years ago.

Justice Muhamad Ideres Muhamad Rapee found sales executive Sulkarnain Alias, 32 and forklift driver Noorman Ab Wahab, 31 guilty of the murder.

The third accused, former student of Institut Kemahiran Bina Negara (IKN) Azizul Azual Jailani, 26, who was also convicted of the murder, will be sentenced on Dec 11 pending a probation report as he was a youthful offender at the time of the offence.

In his judgment Friday, Justice Muhamad Ideres said the prosecution had proven the charge against three accused beyond reasonable doubt.

“There is only one sentence that the court can pass on you and therefore, you will be taken to a place and hanged to death,” he said. The trio appeared composed while hearing the verdict.

The three claimed trial to killing Bakarudin in Jalan SS 19/6 in Subang Jaya at about 9.30pm on Feb 12, 2002.

The charred remains of Bakarudin, 35, of the Sports Science faculty, were found in a monsoon drain that night.

In elaborating, Justice Muhamad Ideres said a SIM card belonging to the deceased was found in the possession of Noorman and that he (Noorman) had also admitted to his friend Muhammad Qaiyyum Abdul Wahab that he had murdered someone.

On the role of Azizul, the judge said the evidence showed that Azizul had borrowed a decorative sword belonging to his brother and taken it to the place of the incident.

Another co-accused, former IKN student Muhammad Zakwan Ahmad Zaki, 26, was acquitted by the court at the end of the prosecution’s case in August 2007.

In the opening statement, the prosecution stated that Bakarudin was kicked, punched, slashed to death before his body was torched that night.

A former guest relations officer Siti Rahmah Azman Subramaniam, 28, who was originally charged with the four, was given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal in July, 2003.

Former UiTM student Siti Rahmah, who is the prosecution’s key witness, testified on Sept 14, 2004 that the deceased, whom she first met in early February 2002, had called her many times asking her to spend a night with him in return for his help in her appeal for re-instatement into UiTM.

She had been expelled in 2001 after failing the same subject three times.

She testified that she had flatly refused to do so and told her then boyfriend Sulkarnain about the calls.

Siti Rahmah testified on July 14, 2004 that Sulkarnain told her on the same night of murder that Bakarudin had been killed.

Bakarudin’s wife, Mawarni Muhamad, 41, testified on May 21, 2004, that the deceased was supposed to have been on a camping trip to Kedah with his students on that day.

In mitigation, for the purpose of the Pardon Board, Sulkarnain’s lawyer, Suzana Norlihan Alias said Friday the accused was a first offender and was studying more on religion in jail.

Noorman’s lawyer K. Vikneswaran said that his client’s involvement was a mistake and it was due to being at the wrong place because of the influence of his friends.

Lawyer Mohd Hanif Khatri Abdulla, who represented Azizul, applied for Dec 11 for the sentencing pending preparation of a probation report by a welfare department.


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